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18 Dec

One week to go! Don’t Panic…Much.

I don’t think I’m alone when in any month before October, it irks me to see Christmas jumpers and selection boxes on shelves in shops. Then comes November. Yup Christmas is officially in full swing according to the shops and yet still I loudly tut.

You are either a “Yeah I’ve got loads of time” type, or you’re one of those very organised people who by now have things wrapped and hidden with food ordered and on it’s way and perhaps your zen-like state of christmas calm is due to the constant flow of mulled wine that’s been on offer… since September.

Now we’re just an exciting/alarming week away and being threatened with final delivery dates for ordering on-line. Well dears, don’t worry! Much. You’ve got until Saturday 20th December at 12:00 noon to order your Christmas Goodies from the Greenwich Pantry!

I am one of those “it’s too-early” Christmas cynics. Every time I’ve gotten within sniffing distance of a shopping mall or the dreaded West-End I’ve come out in a cold sweat. Turns out however it was the sniffles, I’d been brewing a fever and now I’m laid off with a lovely dose of the Christmas Lurgy and now in bed.

Fear not my festive friends. I have a laptop, wifi and I’m finally getting some peace, comfort and joy- in bed, well every cloud.. and I’m Christmas Shopping (yay) and planning our New Years Pop-Up Shop (watch this space).

So whether you’ve got this season under control and need to recharge or if you’re feeling the Yuletide Yikes here are some of my favourite things that have kept me healthy, warm and fuzzy inside.

Wonjo Natural Hibiscus Drinks

  • High in vitamins and full of antioxidants, the delicious hibiscus is helping me lick this lurgy. There are lots of varieties and I’m loving the Ginger Hibiscus, topped up with hot water to keep me hydrated. In the name of research I have however prior researched more ways to enjoy this drink in the form of Punch and non alcoholic Sangria : )

Uncle Roy’s Passion Fruit Curd 

  • Just because! See my review, it’s exciting exotic sharpness is perhaps the only thing keeping my failing fluey tastebuds awake.

Granny’s Secret Apple and Cinnamon Fruit Spread 

  • Natural and not too sweet this warming delicately spiced jar of loveliness is very versatile; a great desert cheat for a baked pastry filling, over ice-cream, spread on toast or simply warmed on its own as what my American pals call ‘pudding’. Very popular with my friends little ones.

Nourish Skin Balm

  • Seasonal stress, weather and heating cause havoc to skin. Treat yourself or a loved one to this precious golden star product. I’ve been massaging this myrrh and frankincense rich balm into my skin to mitigate damage, repair and hydrate. Ahem! WISE MEN!!! This is a great present idea!! HINT HINT!

And on that note my dears, I’ll let you get on with it!

Don’t forget you can shop online until Saturday 20th December at 12:00 noon for delivery of your goodies from the Greenwich Pantry before Christmas!

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02 Dec

In December I am Looking Forward to Painting My Nails

I am looking forward to painting my nails.

I am looking forward to a fun December. Ok so the fun may only last a few days but I’ll enjoy each moment, let me tell you why.
For a few months now I have been admiring lovely colourful nail art on my elegant ladies and wishing I could do the same for my kitchen clad hands. But nail painting, is not the done thing for a healthy kitchen (despite what you see on cooking programs).
So anyway I’ve put off glamorous nails for months on end; no painted nails at my nephew’s wedding, my birthday nor any other family occasion for that matter.
So here we are in December and am looking forward to changing that. Mmm let’s see, green and purple to kick off the holiday, orange in the middle and blue.

These colours will do just fine. Looks like I’m on trend as I’ve discovered, from my trendy teenage nieces; the more colourful the better!.

Whatever you look forward to in December, may it be fun, joyful and full of colour.

Nail painting here I come.
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01 Dec

Popping into the Pop-Up Shop for a treat

Thank you to everyone who came to visit the Greenwich Pantry pop-up shop having seen our tweets. It was great meeting you and I hope you’re enjoying yummy and rediscovered nostalgic treats. Isn’t it nice to treat yourself sometimes?

Greenwich Pantry proprietress Lara’s ethos is that we should be treatwise, but we should treat ourselves. Lara comes alive thinking of the world of possible nutritional enjoyment out there, what we can eat and how we can treat ourselves, daily. Yes, daily!

“Indeed it is possible to wisely treat ourselves everyday, it just means we need to spend money wisely and most importantly recognise the value of what we’re eating”.

Not just a pantry patron;  she’s  a truly well researched curator of foods, a busy working mum who proudly possesses a high integrity for food and is a promoter of produce where she can vouch for the provenience of items sold and their ingredients. She even knows her product providers personally. In fact she’s pretty much pally with all of her suppliers. Praising them, there’s nothing she doesn’t love on the stockroom shelves. Having tried a few things, I couldn’t agree more. My mouth still waters at the thought of trying Uncle Roy’s Passionfruit Curd.

Now, we’re in advent, it’s the run up to a busy festive time. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent all year balancing work, family and your social calendars; where it’s hard to keep up with fashion, or even the house. (Maybe the kids wont let you keep the house tidy?) Whatever your lifestyle, Greenwich Pantry can allow you to feel like the kitchen is a place where you can find solace again.

“The kitchen is a place where we can surround ourselves with beautiful things, even perhaps where we can have order where we can’t necessarily have it in the rest of the house”.

Greenwich Pantry’s  packets aren’t just pretty containers, they contain inherently good things; ethically sourced, which is why Lara is so proud of all of the products.

“Finding value in our food is important: There is its nutritional value, then there’s value of it having pride of place in our cupboards. It’s about treating yourself with the time to prepare. We are all capable of running our lives; jobs and homes. So treating yourself is simply about organising  yourself and what you’re going to eat, it’s just about running your life and body, being decisive about what you want to eat.

So Lara, I agree, aspirational eating is liberating, it’s not just about having pleasing pretty packets.

“How we present ourselves with clothes, how we chose to appear is liberating. Like clothing, I think choices of food can allow you to liberate yourself. Believe in bold choices, experiment with change, make that break from your usual brand, say I’m not going to spend my money on my regular brand of … I’m going to try something that is better quality, beautiful and try enjoying a little bit of luxury through the medium of good food.”

Once again it was great to meet you, those of you who popped in to the Pop-Up shop. The good news is that Greenwich Pantry will be back @57arts for the Christmas Market next week on Saturday 6th December where you can really stock up on Christmas Treats.

Uncle Roy's Wonderful (and it is) Passionfruit Curd

Uncle Roy’s Wonderful (and it is) Passionfruit Curd

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