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22 Feb

#WetRibs for a Wet Weather day.

I commend my windows for doing their best impression of portholes bashed by water as if I were on a ship at sea.

I’ve been quite literally saving this recipe for a rainy day, ideal to make when like today, there’s no chance of going outside. I’ve rather enjoyed attending to this dish, which does take a little time but you could also prep this in advance for #MeatMonday tomorrow.

Before the deluge began, over dinner last night, some friends and I planned our next omnivorous outing and one suggested, “how bout a barbecue over Easter?” The misconception is that barbecue food is a summer treat, but dear readers be amazed and astounded at the fun you can have with your oven and a little patience, whilst it’s Winter with my #WetRibs recipe below.

The riposte to my friends idea was, “Oh no dear Friend!” and I explained the British experience of Easter barbecues.  Drawing on a montage of many a childhood half term, I explained to my friend from sunnier climes, that Easter barbecues that I’ve had have usually involved either a condensation filled caravan-holiday or a lot of family at my house and that goes a little something like this…

With great expectations of sunshine and sausages, each guest would bring a variation of coleslaw or potato salad in a plastic packet. Helping my mum set the trestle table, I’d line up the pre-bought pots in hierarchical order going from zero frills at one end, to the deluxe shop’s own brand at the other. I’d always ensure mum’s homemade homegrown cabbage version took pride of place, (even then I was precocious about the provenance of my food as an eight year old) it usually meant mum’s was all eaten and I’d end up having budget coleslaw sandwiches for school lunch for an eternity after.

Harking back historically, over Easter there’s usually rain forecast with mere possible outbreaks of sunshine. Nevertheless with trooping optimism, dads and uncles fought against gales getting the blasted barbie to light to then have to stand under a golf brolly in bracing winds whilst attending to our country’s most unseasonable way of preparing food, especially when there’s a perfectly good oven inside. Invariably, my mum would have to rescue a very drenched dad and bang the bangers in said oven.

My friend acquiesced at the idea of an Easter barbecue and I believe we’ve settled on a cozy vegetarian South Indian BYOB instead.

During the next deluge, if you have friends visiting or you’re having a family veg-out day; on a wet day like today, get out the board games and depending on whether you like playing dirty at dominoes or if you’re mean at Monopoly, enjoy getting messy with my #WetRibs recipe, mucky pups.


Ingredients for #WetRibs Marinade

3 small onions roughly chopped

4 cloves of garlic

A pint of freshly brewed coffee

1 black cardamom pod

2 tsp of dried coriander seeds

(* my hero product) 2 heaped tsp of Bone Sukin’ Steak Seasoning

1 teaspoon of 5 Spice

1 teaspoon black pepper

3 tablespoonfuls of (good quality) ketchup (it provides a bit of sugar but won’t be overly sweet or too vinegary)


1. Blitz all of the dry seasoning spices together in a bullet processor, or powder them in pestle and mortar.

2. In a small blender, add the spices to garlic and onions, adding the coffee little by little, then the ketchup.

3. Coat the ribs. The refill the blender with a little coffee and then blitz and coat again.

(tip- The idea is, as you blitz, you’re rinsing the blender with the coffee and once you’re done, it’s not too much of a yucky job to wash.)

There should be enough marinade to cover 700g -1kg of ribs

Marinade for as long as you can, overnight is great! Do what you can.

Set the oven to a lowish 110 degrees.

Pop the tray of what looks like a bath of very wet ribs , on the middle shelf,

Turn and baste every hour.

About 4 hours minimum should do it. This is how long it usually takes me to win at Monopoly. The liquid should have virtually all gone to leave you with sticky, meltingly tender meat that should, somewhat indecently fall off the bone.

I served this with a fennel and carrot slaw and Lara’s Brave potatoes as pictured here

To make Brave potatoes- essentially they’re Spanish Patatas Bravas. I cube potatoes, roast and omit tomatoes for this recipe as the #WetRib marinade provides the sauce, however, I add some chilli flakes to bring some bite.

If you want to stay indoors, you can still make inspired bacon butties or liven up roast veg with Wild Appetite’s Barbecue Sauce

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 20.28.36

and Hawkshead Relishes have a compendium of barbecue accoutrements, their Barbecue Triple Pack is also particularly useful for grilled fish and quick mediterranean spicy fried prawns.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 20.27.42

Now, where’s that floss?

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11 Feb

Love is in the air at Greenwich Pantry

Rather a lot of roses will be ordered this week. If you’re lost for ideas, don’t let clichés hamper your creativity. Create a surprise order for someone you’re fond of and send a  foodie gift that someone will fall for.

I particularly love the refreshing Mr. Fitzpatrick’s Rhubarb & Rosehip Cordial. He’s particularly passionate about vintage drinks and I think this one’s certainly got a touch of old fashioned romance about it, (it’s also rather good as a cheeky sort of Kir base for a flirty fizzy cocktail.)

I’ve definitely fallen under the spell of the  Conscious Chocolate Love Potion, it’s made with sensational essential rose oil and it’s divine density is like no other chocolate. It contains exotic silky coconut butter; in all of our good books at the moment. This is a treat to fall in love with.

Now forgive me for being a little saucy, but there are too many things to get excited about at Greenwich Pantry.

However, if this weekend you just want some time alone and to perhaps cosy up to nothing more than a good book, this Sweet Freedom Chocolate Shot Sauce will certainly satisfy. For other occasions this sauce is rather versatile; drizzled over ice cream,  you can bake with it and apologies for the anti-climax. It’s sugar-free. But, Yay.

 Good things for the heart other than romance of course are always a jolly good swoon worthy splash of Omega Oils or perhaps for some true indulgence, a one-for-all treat, a massage for any occasion 

Whilst online pondering ways we can share our affections via the medium of food; I found the wonders of Welsh Love Spoons, ubiquitous Belgian Chocolates, copious French Champagnes and when I thought I’d seen it all; I recently gathered nothing quite expresses ones affection like sweet smelling… Bacon Roses. Yes, when a garage bunch, or an artisan floristry bouquet wont do.


(Surely I must be the last person with internet to learn of this? If not Google it.)

Next week, more vegetables I promise and for my vegetarian friends I’ll think of ways to get your pulses racing…

Get Your Pulses Racing

Pulses at the ready, nearing the finishing line.

Lots of Love, Joyce x

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07 Feb

Never-mind Grey, I want colour!

There seems to be a certain interest in several shades of Grey at the moment?

When I look outside and see the skies, that’s the last thing I want. I want exciting colours and at home, I want bright and inspiring vivid greens, happy oranges and of course racy reds on the kitchen table.

Most of all, I want juicy fruity far away flavours reminiscent of heat and what it feels like to be tinged with warmth in the sun.

So I reach for rich flavours that add warmth and a tangy tingle to the tongue. Here are some rouges that I’ve been romancing recently:

•Set your pulse racing with Serbian Ayvar, a smokey roasted red pepper blended spread by Granny’s Secret. Slather it on to bruschetta or set it with other amuse bouches on a share plate (there’s also a brunch recipe below).

•There’s also the rich, jewelled sanguine hue of Sun & Seeds Organic Wild Pomegranate (the food of love) Vinegar which is very versatile and bursting with playful flavour. Splash it on salads and excite stews with it, you can even stir it into sparkling water!

•Then for the morning after the night before, how about a delicious jump start to the day with a Raw Beetroot & Ginger Muesli from Primrose Kitchen. It’s earthy sweet exotic zing will bring you back to your senses to start the day and it offers “extra love in the form of superfood lecithin and milk thistle seeds”.

Now the only place where one should cheat is in the kitchen and as promised here’s a quickie.

MENAMENy Shades of…Red


splash of good olive oil

2 onions, roughly diced

a tin of chopped tomato

a jar of Granny’s Secret Ayvar

or if you’ve time…

2 sliced chargrilled Peppers, orange & red look nice

a flat teaspoons of cumin seeds.

a large pinch of chilli flakes

1 tsp of jaggery palm sugar or agave syrup

1 tsp pepper

large pinch of  salt

2  heaped teaspoon of paprika

(Blitz all of this in a spice grinder, or pestle & mortar)

a handful of chopped flat leaf parsley & finely chopped spring onion for garnish

Eggs to be poached, yogurt and bread to serve.


1. Roughly dice onions and allow them to caramelise in the olive oil

2. Add the jar of Ayvar and a pinch of cumin

(If not cheating)

Add the powdered spices and sugar to the onions

Add half a cup of water and stir to stop things sticking

Add the sliced peppers

3. Add tin of chopped toms

Simmer for 15 mins until reduced to a rich ragu texture.

I soft poach a bouncy egg in the sauce, or you can poach it in a separate pan if you prefer.

Serve with your favourite bread, I like warmed Lavash, but whatever takes your fancy; French Baguette, traditional Pide is great. Maybe some yogurt. You’ll definitely want to mop it up.

MENAMENy Shades of Red.

MENAMENy Shades of Red.

 A quick and satisfying dish, perhaps a recipe to share with someone next Saturday morning.

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