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29 Aug

Welcome the ‘Back To School’ season.

Longing for warmth back in March, it felt like I’d never know Summer again. Still, I scowled at scanty bikinis too-early displayed in supermarkets and splayed over tube posters. I even saw some on sale in petrol garages in some parts of the country!

Yet, when it was so hot our shins shone in early August’s heatwave, neither did I take kindly to seeing cumbersome autumnal fashions in stores whilst savouring the joyful much anticipated heat. It never seems like shops allow us to enjoy the experience of the current season, without reminding us of what’s on the horizon.

I once worked in a famous department store. Glorious window displays brought joy and wonder to the west-end, but I’d constantly, contemptuously marvel at the Formula One pit stop performances of the visual merch teams changing the seasonal displays like it was the changing-of-the guard.

Gaudy halloween get-ups got out of the way for Christmas. When chintz was out, The Sales signs went up. After that, floors flooded with vulgar Valentine paraphernalia. Easter accoutrements brought bright Spring changes; Spring clear-out bonanzas then made way for the typical tropical Summer themed tedium which then brought the sales again.

However, what I do welcome is the Back to School season. It’s the one time of year I pack away my cynicism for the ‘selling of the seasons’ along with my summer swimsuits.

It comes from my school days when at the end of long holidays, actually eager to get back to school, I’d start breaking in new shoes or shining up old ones and get my pencil case packed.

At Greenwich Pantry, we can help you get back into a ‘Back to  School’ frame of mind and come to terms with the new season and by that we don’t just mean squirrelling away nuts and goodies for the winter.

It’s not only the kids who can go back to school. We’ll soon be calling register at our next cooking classes. Yes, foodie students, Greenwich Pantry’s Cook Eat Party is back. If you want to get up-skilled in the kitchen this autumn we’ll be bringing you top-notch nutritionists to teach you a thing or two in the kitchen.

For a quick way to prepare super quick suppers and swot up on your spices, we’ve cleverly gathered Greenwich Pantry bundles to help you. These buddied bottles, companioned condiments and stack loads of snacks will enable you to have more time to prepare for the more important things to come this season, making a well stocked food cupboard one thing less you have to worry about.

Headed to halls? Well, our bundles are rather useful for students, too! Before packing back off to Uni, make sure you get sent packing with some staple seasonings to make quick easy nutritious food, rather than seeing your student loan spent at the uni’s ubiquitous local Kebab-Shop.

Finally, the new season doesn’t only mean a make-over and a clear out for your wardrobe. Have you ever thought about a make-over for your pantry? The Greenwich Pantry Makeover Service also means there can be a new pantry to welcome the season’s new healthy happy you, too.

Yeah, didn’t you know darlings? September is the new January! I just love preparation and getting things in order at this time of the year. Just popping open a new jar fills me with possibility and comfort, creasing open the spine of a new note book fills me with excitement as much as breaking in new shoes on the first day of school did. So as well as sharpening pencils, I’ve sharpened my knives and pickled and jammed summer fruit.

I really must’ve been a squirrel in a previous life!

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