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01 Dec

Dark Nights. Bright Lights. It’s almost time!

Where did November go? What a ridiculously quick month! The days seem shorter than my attention span for new things and once I finally feel that I’m concentrating on the wonderful spinning world underneath me, I’m just spinning plates. It’s so easy to let it get on top of you, isn’t it. Despite what you’re doing, if it just keeps getting busier and more exciting, go with it. If it slows a little, lucky you, recharge.

It’s a bit too early to start thinking about new years resolutions, even though no doubt, that’ll be upon us in no time at all, but whilst I can; I want to think thankfully for the craziness around me and my constant ability to keep up with it, even though I’m constantly feeling like I’m not.

I want to thank my guiding stars for not bumping into the furniture and for all the pleasantries of new things to come; new people, new babies, friends new and old and discovering that the huge that world isn’t that big after all.

So before you even get to the point, the end of the year where it’s so easy to burn out, keep your star; your eyes and sparkle shining bright. How? Well how I cope, is something quite simple.

Breakfast. I don’t subscribe to the so-called glamour of the 1950’s housewife, yet I do love aprons and cake stands and I do believe in the vitality of the 1950’s slogan of ‘Go[ing] to work on an egg’. I take that literally, for when I mean I have an egg (poached of course); I go to town on it, serving up wholesome homemade wholewheat soldiers or see that the mound of wobbly poached eggs sit on a tasty freshly baked toasted muffin or ciabatta.

So you don’t know how to bake? (Here’s how) Or you don’t have time? As I’ve said before, ‘beat stress bake bread’. There’s nothing like punching into a ball of dough to take the day out of your system, rather then someone else who cuts in line when you’re out Christmas Shopping.

We all need as much peace comfort and joy at this time of the year, and well, that’s how I cope.

Of course, if you’re not into eggs, we’ve got plenty else to keep you going at breakfast. All completely full of luscious and nutritious ingredients that’ll see you not only through the day, but to the end of the year, helping you keep your energy and spark.

Keeping on the subject of retro Kitchenalia, I have always been a retro maximalist, rather than a modern minimalist. I love all gadgets, condiments, all the flavours and all the goodness and that’s not hard to find when you’ve a speed dial to a pantry like Lara’s.

To help you ready yourself for the Christmas rush, my advice is to actually slow down, chill out, take it easy.

I hope you avoided all the unnecessaries of the Black Friday madness? For when is a bargain really a bargain? It’s not, not when it comes to our health and our bodies and our sanity.

If you want to avoid the hellish malls and shopping districts, come and take a gentle stroll down the newly reopened Lovibond Lane from Greenwich Station (which finished just in time for Christmas) and pop-in to our pop-up Greenwich Pantry Christmas Shop and treat your family to Christmas essentials and lovely little luxuries. We’ve Greenwich Pantry  gastronomic gifts to give, that they’ll actually use (and consume.)

With gift ideas galore we’ll also be offering gift wrapping to raise money for Action Against Hunger.

You can also pick up things like treats from Nourish Skin to see you through times of stressed winter skin, create a flavour station with Cornish Sea Salts and Uncle Roy’s and Every Man Foods. There’ll be something to please all tastes, we promise. Even for when the relatives visit and one half of the family have traditions that call for one method of marathon marinading and the other half of the family want option two of tastes, there’s help from the likes of Scarlett & Mustard who’ve turned marinading on it’s head.

You’ve got to love your own traditions though, learn new ones and it just means, like in most families, there’s always more than one way of one way of boiling a turnip. (Hey. We’re cat loving household).

One thing I do like to do, much more than in the Spring, is just freshen up my home. It gets a bit stifling with the heating on and when it’s blowing a gale, I’m loathe to open the windows. So I like to refresh my home with memories of Spring with Green Scents.

Once that’s done, it’s time to put my cold feet up and treat myself to some fine Jam on Toast, watch some sort of costume drama, have a nibble of exquisite chocolate and have a cuppa, knowing I’m just delaying my fate. I’ll be elbow deep with the rest of the world, albeit serenely gift shopping among the madness in about 24 days time. I’d better get baking then. Santa’s coming!

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