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Greenwich Pantry cooking school participants, welcome

Greenwich Pantry cooking school team welcome participants to fun, relaxed and inspirational cooking classes. We know participants have many cooking interests to explore, attempt and master. So, whether it’s cooking Italian, making sushi or baking sourdough bread, we are here to kick start your culinary dreams.

Cooking has great benefits

As chef tutors and health professionals, we’ve seen that cooking has great benefits. In a relaxed environment, cooking can be done mindfully. Mindful cooking helps participants focus on techniques needed to master a dish.

Our cooking school is great for kids and adults

 Guided by the love of food, we’ve put together a calendar of exciting online and in -person cooking events. Greenwich Pantry cooking school is great for kids and adults. So, whether you are a beginner or advanced cook, there’s a perfect class for you. Many in- person cooking classes are available weekday evenings and weekends, perfect for unwinding.

Corporate teams love wellbeing classes

Corporate teams love wellbeing classes where they can make and decorate. Wellbeing days allow employees to reset and enjoy lots of well deserved down time.  Alternatively, online classes works well as incentives for people with busy schedules.

Fermentation and Preserving

Delve into the world of fermentation with practical skills to build on. This class  introduces the art of fermentation and equips you with simple practical skills to ferment at home.

Couples Cooking Class

This class is great for all couples who want to champion love, “find or nurture love at first cook or bake”.
You will both learn to cook a three course meal from our chef specials. With plenty of learning, cooking and of course food to take home to friends and family there’s no excuse; just get stuck in with expert help from our cooking team.

Pastry and Pie Workshop

The lost art of pastry and pie making is enjoying a revival. Thanks to trendy pie shops up and down the country, making pastry and pie is a must for home cooks. Beginners and seasoned pie lovers find our one day pie making course a great place to learn new tips or brush up on techniques.

Bread Making Workshop

At Greenwich Pantry we believe everyone can learn to make bread. Join a class to make your own! Wonderful aromas from freshly made bread is captivating. All bread makers leave with extensive understanding about making bread using good quality flours.

Learn to Make Sushi

Beginners and enthusiasts learn essential techniques for making great tasting sushi with fresh ingredients. This sushi making class inspires creativity as participants pick up the best short cuts.  It’s not all raw fish so don’t fret! Vegetarians are most welcome!

Knife Skills

This two-hour class will introduce you to knife techniques you will use both in every day cooking and dinner parties. With plenty of practice time in the class, you’ll use your chopped ingredients for a one-pot dish to enjoy in class or with friends at home.

Cooking is an art, kids and adults learn at Greenwich Pantry

We’re excited to teach kids and adults cooking at Greenwich Pantry. Kids and adults, at beginner or advanced stages are supported to develop cooking techniques. So. whether its a group class or a 121 cooking course, there’s plenty to do.

Dedicated to beginner and advanced cooks

We’ve dedicated years to working with beginner and advanced cooks and have lots of insights into cooking styles. Cooking styles vary from person to person, family to family, team to team.  Therefore, supporting people  to expand their repertoire is something we love to do.


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Are you booking a class for a team?

Teams that work together stay together. So, if you think your hard working team needs a break, we’ve got the perfect solution – cooking and decorating workshops! Team cooking workshops are a great way to get everyone mingling. The Greenwich Pantry  cooking and decorating workshops are created for teamwork. Just bring lots of enthusiasm along to enjoy a time of bonding and creativity. There’s plenty to make and lots to eat or take home to share.
Harmony in the workplace is truly the spice of life.

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