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Good Business Charter Accreditation

Greenwich Pantry believes that small businesses can be a force for good. Also, we believe in a firm company ethos. For this reason, the Greenwich Pantry team is pleased to be accredited by the Good Business Charter. Furthermore, the GBC consists of 10 components and more details for each of these components can be found on their website.

London living wage and company ethos

1. We are a Living Wage Employer who pays directly employed staff and regularly contracted staff the regular living wage
2. We commit to a fair approach to zero or minimal hours contract including giving at least two weeks’ notice for scheduling shifts. Moreover, cancelled shifts are paid at less than two weeks’ notice. We’ve committed to giving proper consideration as well as providing contracts with guaranteed hours. Also Both of the above are required unless otherwise requested by the employee of their own free will.

Employee wellbeing

3. We’ll have clear, fair and transparent policies that support and encourage employee well-being although we ban unreasonable penalties for legitimate sickness.
4. We engage with worker representatives and ensure there is a voice that represents employees around the boardroom table.

An inclusive and diverse workforce

5. We commit time and money to creating an inclusive workplace and monitoring the diversity of our workforce as part of the company ethos.

Environmental Policy

6. We care about the environment. Thus, we have an environmental policy demonstrating ways to reduce environmental impact and continually improve our environmental performance. In addition, we will seek to minimise our energy, water and paper usage through design, infrastructure and behaviour. Will seek to optimise the recycling of waste by providing adequate facilities and behaviour, and limiting the use of hazardous material. Also, we will seek to reduce unnecessary travel and encourage the use of alternative means of communication where practical. As a result, we incorporate environmental considerations into our procurement decisions (including refurbishments/new building projects) and thus, raise awareness/influence our supply chain to facilitate a reduction in their environmental impact.
7.  And, with all said, we recognise our commitment to stakeholders. Furthermore, we publish this commitment here on our website and gather and monitor feedback, reporting to the board and addressing concerns.

Ethical trading

8. In addition to everything, we commit to the standards set out in the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code that were relevant to our organisation. Thus we want to be acting as morally ethical as possible.

Prompt payment code

9. Also, we are signatories of the government’s Prompt Payment Code. To find out more, get in touch with our team.
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