Swooning, food enthusiast and guest blogger Joyce say's hello!
14 Oct

Hello! I’m swooning food enthusiast and guest blogger Joyce.


I’d just like to introduce myself to you all (properly), I’m Joyce.

Perhaps you’ve read about my travels whilst I’ve been defying the end of Summer, or you may have seen snippets of my writing recently retweeted by my new foodie soul-sister, Lara from @GreenwichPantry where I’m very grateful to be on board as guest blogger. 

I’ll be reviewing what The Greenwich Pantry has to offer and I’ll be sharing my honest thoughts and musing on my favourite things about food. 

In the meantime you can reading more at www.mealsandboon.com  or follow me @MealsandBoon 

I’ll be posting reviews on The Greenwich Pantry shopping pages, but I’d love to see what you think of the products too?

I like eating at restaurants, but not as much as I love cooking at home. I like alliteration but not litterbugs and it bugs me if a plate gets taken from my restaurant table before the last person at the table has finished eating. 

Having recently changed jobs I recently plucked up the courage to put ‘I’m a keen Food Blogger’ on my CV, you know the bit where you put ‘other interests’ and after a string of recent interviews, I got a new job. Hooray, but in the ‘chat’ bit of one interview,  just as we got to the question; “So Joyce what are your interests out when you’re not working” (I’m always working) but the interviewer chimed in and said, “Don’t worry actually, so long as you’re not one of these people that takes pictures of your food and blogs about your breakfast…” Gulp. (Cue my mind Insta-montage of runny eggsplotions and cake close upssimmering dumplings in stew and #bakefails galore, oh my!)

The interviewer obviously hadn’t read all of my CV, but whilst in mid mind montage, I’m sure my face said it all. “It’s not all  food” I piped up to reassure, “some of it’s of my Cat”. 

Alas, I didn’t get that job.

Admittedly to you all and I think I’m in good company, that is exactly what I do. I photograph my food, turn my bad restaurant experiences into memorable narratives and well, I just love all things about eating. Whether it’s at home or on the town I’d love to share my stories and reviews with you. If you’d like to read more, I like to Yelp about things and I recently made #ROTD (Review of the Day) for the second time this year along with the Weekly Yelp too. 

So, thanks to Paul at Spread The Word who introduced me to Lara and I really look forward to chatting to you and hearing your foodie stories.

Happy chomping through Tuesday Night x


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Introduction to our new guest blogger
Hello! I'm swooning food enthusiast Joyce and the guest blogger for The Greenwich Pantry.
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