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Kid’s Cooking Classes in London

Let children experience the joy of learning to cook, make and bake with a team of experts that know how.

It’s easy to learn the art of cooking at Greenwich Pantry Children’s Cooking Classes and clubs

Kids are taught classes by expert chefs

At  Greenwich Pantry kids are taught classes by expert chefs who have many years of experience in schools and child-friendly environments. In our cooking classes, kids and teens learn with expert chefs who keep them engaged with structured teaching throughout the session.

Our cooking clubs help kids become mini-cooks

Our cooking clubs help kids become mini cooks. The guidance that children and young people receive supplements home teaching. While in our cooking clubs, they learn a range of cooking and kitchen skills and their confidence grows steadily. More importantly, this awareness of food and cooking stays with them throughout their lives.

Pasta making, cake baking, cookie decorating and more

Pasta making, cake baking, cookie decorating, bread, sushi, are among the favourites for teens joining Greenwich Pantry’s classes. Learning cooking at an early age builds up children’s knowledge of the world.

Greenwich Pantry’s well established cooking clubs help children become exposed to a variety of tastes and textures, early in their formative years. As a result, they acquire an appreciation for cuisine in other cultures.

Kids learn in child friendly kitchens

Our classes provide a wonderful opportunity to start learning about food in child-friendly kitchens. Young people become more confident through team work as they learn one recipe at a time. Younger children of primary school age slowly gain independence as they are given space to be creative and experiment.

Cooking skills keep them intrigued

There’s so much to learn through cooking skills to keep your little ones intrigued. Measuring, weighing, estimating, guesstimating, socialising, learning about tastes, textures are just a few of those valuable skills.

Parents join kids in class

We know that with busy lifestyles, parents want to spend precious time together with their little ones.  Child and adult class, are perfect for busy parents. In these classes, we allow plenty of opportunity for lots of fun. You and your little one will make sweet memories, in classes prepared just for you.

Tweens and teens learn at Greenwich Pantry too

Many parents want  tweens or teens to learn cooking skills. Although they are at a perfect age to learn, often they want to learn at their own pace. Allowing them to learn away from the family kitchen means they can learn at their own pace with little stress about washing up!

Leave Greenwich Pantry to support

You can leave it to our team to provide the support and guidance, in a well structured cooking class. With everything covered, your children and teens will have fun while perfecting their craft. However, there’s every chance your home could be a mini restaurant!.

Celebrating? Book a Birthday cooking class

Celebrating birthdays? Book our popular bake off style birthday party for a birthday celebration.

Related classes and events

Cooking Parties

Let Greenwich Pantry’s cooking parties bring joy to your children. We inspire creativity in the most curious minds as they cook, make and bake in our bespoke sessions. A memorable party, perfect for that special little person and they’ll ‘love you forever’ truly.

Parent and Child Class

In this 2-hour cooking class, children and their adult will explore together a multitude of cooking techniques, cook some delicious recipes and discover some amazing new tastes and flavours.

Kids after School Class

Children can join our kids cooking school class and learn to cook a variety of dishes from different parts of the world. Classes take place after school during and school holidays. Book a single class or a block of classes.

We’ll help you make sure the kids are in on the act.

At Greenwich Pantry we love to get children in on the art of cooking and may even get them learning to do the washing up.

Our range of classes are open to children from 3 to 15 with each class focusing on core skills that will help kids become kitchen super stars.