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14 Oct

For one of those days

For one of those days

Sometimes it feels like time is literally against us with little time to get things done. Thankfully those days don’t come around too often but If you are like me, when they come, its a struggle.

Keeping a list of things of things I need handy and up to date keeps me organised, makes shopping easier and cooking more pleasant. If paper and pen is not your thing, smart phone apps may work – whichever method you choose, you’ll only get results if you do it.

So if you want to win the battle, here’s what I recommend:

Plan your meals
Start by making a list of all the food you love to eat. I mean everything; even the sweet things. Plan when you want to eat around what you have in the pantry.
Check out my pantry list and shopping tips.

Keep good food in your pantry
You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel, use shortcuts. Keep good quality ‘tins and things’ cooked or preserved foods somewhere in your pantry. Look out for healthy sauces that contain little salt and sugar if you want to cut down. Adapt sauces to suit your taste buds using herbs and spices.

Get friends and family on board
If you can’t get them cooking, get them prepping and chopping; a relaxation tool we often forget about. If you live with lots of people, keep a rota. That way, everyone gets a chance to cook and shine.

Can’t cook won’t cook?
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Say good bye to those days!

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