Mortier Pilon Kombucha Brewing Jar (5L)


Good news for Kombucha lovers! This Mortier Pilon Kombucha brewing kit contains a 5L jar. This is all you need to start your brewing process. As well as the 5L jar, you have the first ever fermentation crock designed for Kombucha brewing, The crock is made with glass,  and cleans easily, you can check the progress of your brew and it comes with a filter, tap valve and rewritable label.


Good news for Kombucha lovers.. we present you the Kombucha brewing jar!.

Kombucha is an effervescent tangy tea made by fermenting sweetened tea using a Kombucha culture. The culture digests sugar in the tea producing a wonderful array of vitamins, antioxidants and probiotics. All this good stuff make Kombucha a nutrient packed drink.

This kit is what you need to start making Kombucha in your own home.  It contains the first glass fermentation crock designed for home brewing and storage. The crock is 100% glass, this means you can see and assess the fermentation process better than with a ceramic jar. The white parts of the jar are made of non -reactive BPA-free plastic and do not come into contact with the food.


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