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Make cooking class memories at Greenwich Pantry by scheduling a class now


Making cooking class memories at Greenwich Pantry cooking school could be your first step towards a personal food story.  So that you can craft a unique food journey we have a calendar of classes you can attend. Not only are food stories interesting they are unique to you. Additionally, food stories are great for highlighting your interactions with food. By reflecting on your food interactions, you become more aware of how different foods shape your eating habit. As you can imagine, your eating habits may affect the ability to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Group cooking classes provide a great way to know ourselves better too.

A real home economics environment

Operating our cooking school in a real home economics environment makes the cooking experience as close to a home kitchen as possible. Participants also enjoy the nostalgia of cooking balanced food, guided by a professional team. Furthermore, so that your time in class goes smoothly, a dedicated class host is on hand to assist throughout.

Get into sustainable cooking habits today

Getting into sustainable cooking habits is sometimes challenging when you are doing it alone. However, when you schedule a class with other people, there’s plenty to opportunity to be inspired. With this in mind, Greenwich Pantry provide expert tuition from industry professionals, so that you can explore new classes regularly. Many participants also find, cooking with ingredients from other parts of the globe can make food more exciting. Our international cuisine workshops are a great way to expand your tase buds. ..

Learn to cook, one recipe at a time

Learning to cook one recipe at a time in a cooking class is most rewarding. The Greenwich Pantry cooking school calendar allows you to plan cooking classes around your busy lifestyle. When you schedule a class it is valid for 12 months and  transferable as gifts to people you love. We know how hectic life can be and we’ve got you!


Learn with a cooking class pass, all year round

The Greenwich Pantry cooking class pass is ideal for people who want to block book a set of cooking classes over a period of time. Cooking class passes, also available on our calendar allow sharing with friends and quality time together.

Schedule a class as a group or with family

Today, you can schedule a class and make cooking memories at Greenwich Pantry, as a group or with family. Our cooking classes take place at weekends and evenings. Private bookings for 121 and and away days for employees are also bookable. In our cookery classes, participants enjoy the essentials in life – friendship, laughter or just simply muse over the joy of good food.

At Greenwich Pantry, we are passionate about helping you cook, eat and live what are you waiting for? Check out dates for classes or head over to our voucher shop and get a gift that keeps on giving.