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09 Apr

Welcome to my WOL

Hello and welcome to my WOL where I talk non stop about things that makes me smile and keeps me happy.

A bit about about me….my name is Lara and I am founder and director at Greenwich Pantry, a small independent food business based in Greenwich and inhabiting Cyberspace. I have been in the food industry for almost a decade helping people from all walks of life make good decisions about food and enjoying it…I have a really good team of people around me, family, friends and mentors who have helped me keep the GP dream alive and I value them dearly.

Why Greenwich?
I started up in 2008 after a series of life changing events and while researching names for the business, it made sense to name it after beautiful Greenwich. Greenwich is where I often escaped to catch my breath, refresh and renew my zest for life. Greenwich quickly became that serene place representing hope, vigour and strength.

And what’s not to like about the Royal Borough?
Way before gaining Royal status, the place was a distinguished suburb of London boasting one of the best outdoor spaces in the city, breathtaking architectural design and a world famous historic market. If you’ve not been to Greenwich, do it now…as you get to know GP, you’ll fall in love with Greenwich 🙂

Greenwich Pantry is a store cupboard of good things I love (especially food I love to cook and eat). The pantry is as essential to me as the location and I am looking forward to sharing my stories, recipes and my food recommendations with you.

Enjoy your day and Take it Slow

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